What have I gotten myself into
The misadventures of Bervand

It all started out simple enough, investigate a simple cold spell rumored to be arcane in nature, but has turned into babysitting some of the younger races. (What else is new) When I arrived at the town of Loudwater it was obvious that the cold spell was ended. So, with no work to do I immediately decided to head to where any self respecting Dwarf would go when in a new town, the tavern! While walking to the tavern I was rudely interrupted by a small goblin firecracker that knockdown the obviously weakly constructed human settlement wall. Obviously I couldn’t just let these piss ants get away with ruining my beer time, so I took action. (That and I have a natural penchant for helping out the weaker races) There were quite a few of the buggers around 12, luckily I wasn’t the only one there prepared to defend myself. When the firecracker went off I noticed two female Githzerai take action, one with a huge sword then other with nothing but punches and kicks, they appeared to have fought together before. There was also a Mage and a fellow Dwarf that took action. The Mage appeared to be just out of diapers and the Dwarf…..hasty….much like many of my warrior breed brethren. Out of the tavern two of the queerest folk I have laid my eyes upon entered the fray. One a colorfully dress halfling wielding what appeared to be a harp, the other a top hat, handlebar mustache wearing human. (they appeared together…..I wonder if the halfling is the right height for the human…...) After dispatching the Goblin scum with ease, the mayor of this town came to address me. She asked that I go to the bar, where she was going to talk to me and the rest of the people that defended Loudwater. Being she said drinks on her I agreed. There I met the people that I had just fought beside. The mayor….lady moonfire or something….. asked that we band together and fight back this latest risk to her city. Hmmmm, I remember surveying the crowd and thinking to myself, Self, you can probably fight next to these people, but what is up with the two queer looking fellows. So I engaged in conversation with them to see if I could trust them like I know they could trust me. You see previously I noticed that the top hatted one captured a Goblin during the scuffle, so naturally I asked if I could talk… interrogate, the creature. The harp carrying guy….Barty if I remember right, told me that the Goblin was transported to the local jail house. So with a Keg of free Dwarven ale I headed to the Loudwater jail house. And Guess what…..NO GOBLIN. (that ones going in the book) After the evening of conversation with the jailer and finishing the keg, I returned to the inn to talk to Barty. Of course the little shit lied to me even after confronted, but quickly shifted his tune to groveling….go figure. After Barty and I talked we headed off to see if we could find the source of the town’s troubles. Now any sensible Dwarf would be asking, how can you go off with a group you don’t fully trust. And to them I would say this, It’s my duty to protect the unsuspecting party members, and the town, from these two queer individuals.

Story so far
Early adventures of Grimwell

P.T. Grimwell, Salesman Extrodinare and purveyor of fine and interesting things, gets summoned by a wealthy house and asked to perform a simple deed for both fame and money. He meets with his cohorts who were also summoned for the same reason. After a short introduction, Grimwell and his gang are sent to the town of Saerloon to retrieve some family heirlooms for Mr. Preanor. After s short sail by boat Grimwell’s party arrives in the town of Saerloon to find it a little off. It’s very dark out even in the middle of the day and an entire quarter of the city is barricaded off and guarded at all times. After some short conversations the crew finds that the town is controlled by the followers of Shar and to enter the blocked off quarter of the city they have to get written permission. Not one to play by the rules P.T. and his group start a revolt at one of the gates and sneak over the wall a short ways away. After a short journey they find the residence they are looking for and discover it is guarded by a few specters. A short fight later and a dig to get in the party enters the cellar of the house to find it mostly intact. The party retrieves all the heirlooms as well as a interesting coin and a book worshiping a god other then Shar which is forbidden in this city. They make their way back to Mr. Preanor who asks them To deliver the book to Lady Moonfire in The town of Loudwater. Up for a little adventure the party sets out for Loudwater, Coin and Book in tow. P.T. and party make the long journey to Loudwater pawning “Herbal Remedies” at every city they pass. They get attacked a short distance south of Loudwater. Turns out to be Some Followers of Shar Impeding traffic to and from Loudwater.

Upon arriving at loud water they meet the townsfolk and give the book to the Lady Moonfire. She tells them that they are constantly getting attacked by bandits on the road, people are going missing, there is a crime spree in the city, there have been sightings of Goblinoids in the hills, and the weather is so cold that crops are gonna die Causing the town to starve before next spring. The party agrees to look into the weather. She tells them there is a tower owned by a old warlock .!. and she believes his tower to the north east is causing the issues. She also states she dabbles in the arts and would pay well for artifacts from the tower. P.T. and crew set out for the tower running into the shaman Taurage on the way who is standing over his fallen druid friend. He tells them he and his partner were here to look into the weather as well as it is unnatural. The party gladly accepts his company and moves on to the tower. On the way there they get ambushed by some Cold touched goblins. Moving on to the tower they find it entirely encased in ice. Breaking through the stone guards at the entrance they find everything in the tower in a fine sheen of ice almost as if it flash froze and nothing had time to move. They get attacked by some frost elementals on their way up the tower. They reach the top to find a large elemental and a gem that is putting off the freezing weather. The elemental tells them they froze the tower to put an end to the warlock’s dabbling in evil arts. Not able to talk the Elemental into releasing the tower the party destroys the elemental as well as the gem on top of the tower. Instantly the tower begins to thaw. After looting the tower of everything of value the party talks of making a home out of the tower but choose at that moment to return to Loudwater. They arrive at Loudwater and meet up with mayor Moonfire who awards them for their heroic deeds.

With a smile and a wink she asks P.T. if he could spare just a little more help…...


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